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Share Your Wisdom   Wisdom,   Mar. 2, 2024  [1 Comments]
Everyone's life experiences are unique. What seems normal to you may be unknown to others. What we know can light the path to success, or what we don't know can cause your downfall. Share some of your wisdom, on any topic, that you think other African Americans should know..  
Living the Healthy Life. Let's hear from you.   Health-Fitness,   Jul. 15, 2023  [ Comments]
Ideas and tips for living a healthier life. In a world full of things that are unhealthy, and ....  
Who would you like to meet?   Social,   Oct. 31, 2023  [ Comments]
You can meet any three people, two alive and one dead. Who would they be and why?.  
The African American Express Quest   Arts-Culture,   Mar. 13, 2024  [ Comments]
We want to discover unknown creative talent, hobbyists, as well as professionals. List, and help ....  
We are free from slavery, and have our rights, as least on paper. It is time for our final push to prosperity!

All African Americans should be popular, and prosper. Why are so few rich and famous?

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Black and Healthier    Health  [1 Members]  Oct. 31, 2023  
Organizing, planing and working for a healthier Black American lifestyle..  
AfroMainStreet Mission Group    Social  [1 Members]  Sep. 29, 2023  
Join our group of people interested in advancing the mission of AfroMainStreet: To help build a better life for African Americans. Work to create plans to advance the mission, and help the work in making those plans reality. We have scheduled national meetings online, and people to work in their local community. Membership may be limited..  
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Personal  Sep. 29, 2023
Brent Wilson (Detroit)   ask's:    Never let clouds get in the way of dreams. Think your way over, under or through them. We owe our best In honor of those before us whose struggle made possible what we do today  

Work  Aug. 20, 2023
Brent Wilson (Detroit)   ask's:    How do I improve my energy to go do the work I need to?  
Reduce carbs, and sugars. Overall eat a little less. Walk a few blocks each mourning, and do breathing exercises: 3 x 3. 1- in the nose, count 3. 2- hold, count 3. 3- exhale out mouth empty lungs count 3.
Stree Smart

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